Appendix B

Youth Participants’ Descriptions of Themselves

Zindzi Ali: I attend School Without Walls Senior High School.  I am involved in many things.  I am a red belt in karate and also attend West African dance classes.  I am also actively involved in an organization.  I am in NCORBRA, which stands for the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America.  This organization helps to fight for reparations for African Americans because of the oppression they have gone through.  I am also in the United Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (U.N.I.A.-A.C.L.), but I am not extremely active.   

Antonio Mais: I consider myself to be a very bright and intelligent young man.  I am also one who takes a lot of pride and dignity in myself.  I love to do a lot of different and interesting things, such as participating in different athletic activities and other fun activities that include acting, singing, dancing and so forth.  I also have a lot of interest in computers and can spend hours just surfing the Internet.  I live in a household of three that includes myself, my aunt and younger brother, both in which I have a really good relationship with. 

Shawnta’e Nelson:  I am currently living with my mother, and I attend H.D. Woodson high school.  Sometime I enjoy long days at the park by myself, other days I want to be surrounded by friendly people.  I work hard in everything I do because I believe it will pay off one day.  Normally I am a respectful and friendly person.

Patrice Palmer:  I am in the 10th grade.  I attend Calvin Coolidge High School.  I am also a private first class in JROTC.  I like learning new things.  I play the trombone in the band.  I want to go to college or university and be independent so I don’t have to depend on anybody.

Nehemiah Israel:  I am a smart person who likes to work with technology.  I enjoy reading and conducting scientific experiments.  At school I am very productive and hard working.

Peta Lindsay:  I am 16 years old, and I currently attend the School Without Walls.  I just moved to Washington, D.C. in the fall of 1998, and this city still seems so new to me. I can manage to get just about anywhere by myself via the Metro, but bring me above ground and I am lost.  I love writing and reading more than any other activity, but that’s not all I do.  I am captain of my schools Crew team and I also play the guitar.  I enjoy the local music scene, films and study of film, and I am an HIV peer outreach worker.  I have been focusing a lot on my writing recently, with my enrollment in a Women in Writing program designed for DCPS students to help them develop their own writing abilities. The Women in the Arts Museum sponsor it, and they are publishing a book in the fall with samples of my writing in it.  I have been writing almost all of my life.  I also enjoy public speaking.  In 1996, I won the first place award for the citywide African American Oratorical contest in Philadelphia, where I grew up.

Mark Stanley:  After high school I plan on becoming an Aerospace engineer, in doing so I will attend MIT or some other highly noticed engineering college.  I have no worries about getting into college. However, one of my major concerns is the issue of paying for college.  I plan on working all school year, keeping a high GPA, and entering scholarship contest in order to get money.

Maria Keeton:  At Woodson Senior High, I am a member of the newspaper staff, ‘The Insider.’  As a journalist I have a chance to communicate with many different types of people.  My job is to report the facts, therefore I consider myself to be a very truthful person.  I am also a member of the Marching/Concert Band.  Being in this band makes me realize that dedication is the ultimate key to being successful in everything I do.

Malikah Collier:  My major is mass media with a concentration in print journalism.  I plan to graduate with my BA in 2003, and then go on to pursue my Master’s in business.  My specific talents are writing and acting.  In high school I participated in numerous plays and wrote many poems and short stories.  While home for the summer I am taking a course at the University of the District of Columbia.  I have great people skills, catch on fast, and I am not afraid of hard work.
LaJuan Mercedes Dixon:  I am currently sixteen years of age.  I am a native Washingtonian.  I live with my mother, two sisters, one brother, and my son, Antonia whom I love very much.  I attend Phelps Career Senior High School.  The trade I am currently studying is cosmetology.  My favorite subjects are math and chemistry.  In 1995, I was enrolled in a ROTC computer course and obtained a certificate of completion.  After receiving this award I was very proud of myself and wanted to continue learning more about computers and what they have to offer in the world we live in.  When I complete school, I would like to attend Lincoln Technical to further my knowledge of computers and engineering.  While my main focus is to learn move about computers, I would also like to open my own salon in the metropolitan area.

Kimani Shorter:  I am currently a sophomore majoring in English at the University of Maryland East Shore.  I have taken a number of computer courses that I have enjoyed.  I am a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School in the District.

Kenneth Williams:  I plan to attend college for engineering or computer programming.

Keisha Sutton:  I enjoy singing gospel music, dancing and working with children.  I also enjoy writing poetry, reading books based on mystery, and forensics.  When I attend college I plan to major in forensics, and have a minor in psychology.  I have a little sister and a brother, who live with my mother who is a doctor.  I like to run track and swim.  For quite some time I pray and read my Bible.  For time to myself I enjoy music of all types but my favorite is R&B.

Katrina LaShay Downs:  I am 16 years old. I am the second oldest out of my mother’s six children.  I attend H. D. Woodson High School where I am currently in the 10th grade. My hobbies are drawing, movie watching, and working on computers.  I want to be a computer specialist because a computer specialist is highly trained, and the income level is very high.  I am taking computer classes hoping to broaden my knowledge about computers choices.  After finishing my trade school education and college education, I am planning on working in my chosen career field.

Jonathan Botts:  I was born here in Washington, D.C. on February 20, 1984.  I have lived in the Bloomingdale-Eckington neighborhood all my life.  All my life I have enjoyed creating art.  I first began illustrating at a very young age.  Later in my life I began writing first plays, then poems, and now I am writing my first book, Plucked Petals.  I attend Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where visual arts is my major.  Since I have been there I have studied in two drawing classes, one photography class, one studio art class, one sculpture class, one design class, and one painting class.

Jason Roberts:  I am a student who likes to talk with people and likes meeting others.  I enjoy playing and watching most sports.  My favorite is basketball.  I like to go to different places that I have not been before.  My role model is my mother.  She has done everything for me and is the reason that I am where I am today.  I love all of my family, and appreciate all that they have done for me.

Ibin Qawwee:  I am a hard worker, quick thinker, and also fun to be around.

Dawn Shelly Entzminger:  I am fourteen years old.  I like to play the trumpet and play basketball and go swimming.  My favorite subjects are English and science.  In my spare time I like to go next door to my neighbor and play with their little new born son, Cameron, or go outside.  I have my mindset to go to Michigan State or Florida State and major in early childhood development.  

Cardell Butler:  I am an 18 soon to be junior at Waynesburg College.  I currently hold a 3.51 GPA in the filed of computer science.  I am a strong-minded, hard-working individual.  I have displayed this last summer as an intern for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  As for personal interest, I enjoy almost any sport and I like talking to people in general.  My goal in life is to continue school, in the meantime broadening my horizons, and prepare for life in the fast lane.

Brittany Short:  I love working at an challenge. I attend Tech World Public School where I am studying computer programming and computer technology (my majors).  I have been studying computers for the past three and a half years.

Brian Tildon:  I spend time working with audio (all aspects) computers, lighting, photography (all aspects), and video (all aspects).  With audio, I have the knowledge and ability to create and mix songs, do live recordings, and set up and break-down equipment.  With computers, I have the knowledge and the ability to install and assist with various software, create web pages, do computer graphics, do troubleshooting, fix various problems that occur on a network, maintain a network, setup and break down equipment for shows, photography and video production.  With photography, I have the knowledge and ability to work with 35mm SLR, and digital formats (color & B&W), and processing and printing 35 MM & B&W film.  With video, I have the knowledge and ability to use 3 chip camcorders, use consumer model camcorders, use editing equipment, work in a studio and field production environment and et up and break down equipment.  Some of my experience with audio includes working at DCTV, East Coast Jazz Festival, Foxhaven Associates and Schools Without Walls programs, held at George Washington University.  Experience with computers includes working at elementary to senior high school, at home, with the White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.  Experience with photography includes working at School Without Walls functions, and at home.  Some experience with video includes working at DCTV, East Coast Jazz Festival, Foxhaven Associates and School Without Walls programs.

Brandon Craig:  I go to H. D. Woodson.  I am going into the 11th grade.  My favorite class is biology.  My goals are to play football and go to college. The college I hope to go to is Duke University.  After I go to Duke I want to design video games and become a rich man.  I want to do that when I get older.

Tierni Orendoff:  I am 14 years of age and I am an incoming 9th grader at Jefferson JHS. My GPA for the school year 99-00 was a 3.9.  My favorite subject is math.   
Mechelle Ashby:  I am 15 years of age.  I went to Merritt for six years.  I have one brother who is 19.  This is my first summer job.  Today is the first time I have worked on a computer.  I hope it goes well but for right now, I will just do what I am told and have a good summer.

Marquise Mack:  I attend Elizabeth Seton High School.  I am currently an active member of the Onyx Club.  I plan on going to St. Johns College.