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Today, Tillman Frizzell is a very accomplished man.  He is a retired teacher, and Little League and Boy’s Club coach. He currently is a trustee for his church, Ward Memorial A.M.E.  A native of Washington, D.C., he has been married for forty-three years to his wife Aretha and has three children and 3 grandchildren.
He wasn’t always that confident or ccomplished.  When Frizzell was in high school he was faced with a situation that would have a big impact on his life.

His own counselor told him that he was too dumb to make it to college. Frizzell refused to allow those cruel words to determine his future.  He set out to prove to the counselor what great things he was capable of and started work right after high school.  He even turned down several scholarships to colleges, which could have given him great career opportunities.  But in the end his hard work really paid off.  After five years, he was offered to teach in the D.C. School System.  Realizing the importance of a good education he went back to school and then started teaching.

Frizzell’s experiences made him realize how many more advantages today’s youth have compared when he was a young man.  He did not have the opportunity to have a mentor or tutor as a boy.  However, he notes that there are more options for youth today, in and outside of school.

Mr. Frizzell sees Washington going through some interesting changes.  On one hand, he sees things improving for some residents.  There is a lot of new housing being built.  On the other hand, he believes African Americans citizens of the District are suffering.  He points out “the city is pushing blacks to the suburbs.”  As a man with a lot of pride for this city this troubles him.

In retirement, Frizzell is still active but has also finds time to relax.  In addition to coaching baseball he also does a lot of hings around the house.  This includes collecting figurines, making repairs, and constructing models.  Frizzell is a jazz enthusiast.  On Saturdays he enjoys listening to jazz on WPFW.