Mr. Isaac Fulwood was born in April 28,1940 at Freedmanís Hospital and raised in Washington, DC.  He lived with his parents and 9 brothers and sisters on Swann Street, NW, initially, moving to Capitol Hill in 1948.  During his childhood he was member of Purity Baptist Church (1325 Maryland Avenue, NE) Currently, he and his wife are members of Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD. 

          He was educated in the Washington, D.C. public school system during the time (1954) of the Brown vs. the Board of Education, which took him from segregated to integrated schools. After his 1959 graduation from Eastern High School, his first job was an apprentice to his uncles, Ted & Bob, at Linens of the Week, repairing laundry machines.  After his June 6, 1962 marriage to Ruth Johnson and the birth of two children, Gary and Angela, he decided to take the exam become a fireman.  However, the fire department was not hiring at the time so, at the urging of a police officer friend, Addison Davis, he joined the Washington DC Police Department in November 1964. 

          The 1963 March on Washington played a significant role in his decision to become a member of the police department. During this time in Washington there was turmoil and chaos.  In the police department, he found much racism and division; however, he managed to push this aside, study hard, and move up through the ranks.  It was in the police department that he met Captain Burtrell Jefferson, who later became the first Black Chief of Police.  Jefferson greatly influenced his career. During the Barry Administration, in August 1989, he was later selected Police Chief of the District of Columbia. With this job, came many responsibilities, which he handled with much enthusiasm, leadership, and authority.  Not only did he perform his job well, he inspired other policemen to move forward. In 1992 during the Sharon Pratt-Kelly Administration, he was asked to become Executive Director of the Mayor's Youth Initiatives Program designed to coordinate all at-risk youth activities in the city. As Police Chief, he has been honored to meet with many foreign heads of states and other dignitaries including Presidents (Carter, Bush & Reagon), South African President Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II and General Colin Powell, to name a few. 

          In October 1992, after 29 years of service, Mr. Fulwood retired from the police force. He enjoys playing golf and watching all sports.  In his spare time, he and his wife have taken a class in hand dancing, which they find relaxing and reminiscent of years ago.  He is now an educator at the University of the District of Columbia and also returns to Eastern High School, his alma mater, to encourage and advise the youth.  Mr. Fulwood continues to strive for a better Washington and to help youth become better citizens.