"William M. Wise, Jr. was born on April 28, 1939 at Gallenger Hospital  (now D.C. General) and raised in Washington, D.C.  He lived with his parents (originally from Jacksonville, Florida), three brothers and one sister on 2nd Street Northeast, behind Union Station for 30 years.  This was a very diverse neighborhood consisting of several nationalities (German, Irish, etc.). The families were very close and portrayed the image of a "village," everyone looking out for each other.  One of his most memorable moments was seeing the Freedom Train come into Union Station, which carried the coffin of President Roosevelt
      Entertainment for Mr. Wise and his childhood friends consisted of playing sports (baseball, football, swimming, basketball) and going to the Boys & Girls Club at 2nd and K Streets Northwest.  He also enjoyed going to the Howard Theater's midnight show and to the movies. Mr. Wise was a member of the Metropolitan Methodist Church at 15th and M Streets, which was built by slaves and is the oldest black church in Washington.  He is presently a member of the Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church.  His aunt, a very active member in the church, was a very influential person in his life.  She guided him in his religious beliefs. 
     The first job Mr. Wise had was serving newspapers (The Afro, The Daily News and The Times Herald), which showed him how to interact with people, handle money, and be responsible.  During his high school years, he worked at a clothing store.  He admired and looked up to his oldest brother because he saw him work hard, go to school, and get a good job at the State Department. His brother introduced him to Larry King, ("Uncle Dick") who helped him get a job in the Government Printing Office.  Mr. Wise was later employed by the District Government Department of Sanitation. 
       Advice Mr. Wise would like to give to the youth of Washington: 'Stop, Think, and Listen; get a good education; stay away from drugs; be your own person; and take advantage of every opportunity that will make you a better person and citizen.'  He also feels that African Americans should produce a product and become entrepreneurs. 
       Mr. Wise has five grandchildren.  His hobbies include photography, pool, fishing, golf and videos.  He also loves traveling to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard."