Righteous Remembrance Morning Activities
Saturday, January 9, 1999
9:00 AM 11:30 AM
Riverside Church


On Saturday morning, we will conduct a meeting forum where we will have an opportunity to discuss the important programs, projects or issues that  SNCC folk have been working on in our communities. Since our organizing days in the 60s, we have emerged as leading  educators, writers, politicians, business leaders, musicians, community activists, spiritual leaders, healers, lawyers and judges, artists, parents, and much more .Most of us have remained active, tried to stay militant and have developed a great deal of know-how on a variety of important issues of the day.  We want to hear from you what youve been working on, why it is important, what results you have achieved and what resources or support you still need in order to move your work even farther along.  We think that we can possibly be of assistance or support to each other.   Its time that we rediscovered each other and explore ways that we can help.   So come talking, come listening and come smiling. .

In order to prepare for the morning, we are asking you to prepare and present a  5 minute discussion  profile of your work. Please work on this presentation so that it respects the FIVE MINUTE time limit.  If you want to use visuals, let us know.  Once we get answers to the questions below, well send out a schedule of the morning sessions and let you know when and where you will do your presentation.   Please return the questionnaire via e-mail, fax or mail to:  Karen Spellman
1234 Monroe St., NE Washington DC 20017; Fax: 202/ 526-8637; mailto:Spellpersn@aol.com

(Please Complete and return)

  Last Name
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I will discuss the following program/project/issue:

I want to bring the following a/v equipment or visuals for my discussion:

I will bring materials and need a table.
I know some people that can donate money to help with expenses for this event.  Call me.

Its okay  /  its not okay  to have media coverage at the morning sessions.

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