The following individuals and organizations have and continue to provide support to this online effort. 
Please consider supporting them.
Karen Spellman, , 202/832.4274
Event Producer
Friends of Kwame Ture Testimonial Dinner
William Jordan, , 202/234.1016
Internet Webcast Hosting
MelaNet - BlackRadio.Net
Eric Williams, , 301/303.8998
Website Hosting, On-Site Networking
Information Brokers, Inc.
Roosevelt Gist, , 703/758.9018
Internet Webcast Video Production
GEI Internet Productions
Nzinga Olabisima & Ajamu King, , 202/667.4188
Video Production
SciFax Multimedia
Joe Gross, , 510/836.8985
Bay Area Host / Kwame Ture Friends Gathering
The Oakland Communications Technology Cluster
Anita Brown, , 202/232.3569
On-Site Computer Lab Coordinator
Black Geeks Online
Earl Hicks, , 301/336.9643 
On-Site Computer Lab Equipment
EMS - The Affordable Computing Solution
Kevin D. O'Nalty, , 202/234.7155
On-Site Computer Lab Equipment
U Street Computers
Sala Damali & Alex Medley, , 202/797.9070
Support Services
International Black Buyers and Manufacturers Expo & Conference
C. Sade Turnipseed, , 202/723.9546
Website Public Relations
C. Sade & Associates Public Relations
vernard r gray, , 202/347.6330
Website/Webcast  Producer

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