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Why Should You Support Kwame Ture?

Kwame Ture has touched the lives and consciousness of people of all ages and races, spanning four decades of dedicated social and political activism in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. 

Some of us may have been student civil rights activists with Kwame at Howard University.  Others may have become SNCC organizers, working with Kwame in Georgia, Mississippi or Alabama.  Some may have come to know him as a pivotal human rights voice in the anti-war movement, or as a spokesman for economic and political empowerment during the "Black Power" and Pan-Africanist movements.  The testimonial dinner and this internet website are presented by those whose lives he has enriched and whose voices he has made powerful. 

The Kwame Ture Medical Fund that was established shortly after Kwame was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. The Fund addressed Kwame's medical and living expenses. The Fund provided around the clock care with three health care providers. They stayed with Kwame in Guinea. The Fund paid traveling expenses and a stipend. 

The Fund paid for special equipment and medicines. Most recently, the Fund paid for shipments of blood to Guinea for Kwame and on one occasion, we provided for a special courier to carry blood to Guinea in order to get it there fast. 

Now, the Fund must resolve all outstanding claims regarding the aforementioned. We do not know whether, the hospital in Guinea will absorb cost associated with his stay or not. We also do not know whether or not the government of Guinea will absorb the funeral cost. These are the things that the Fund must address. 

Upon resolving all claims (we plan to close down, March 1, 1999), we will try and pay for the personal expenses associated with Kwame's sisters attending the funeral and last but not least are Kwame's two children.

If, any funds remain after the above, we will transfer said funds into a Trust Account for his boys. 

Please inform all, who make an inquiry.

Contributions should be sent to:
Kwame Ture Medical Fund, 
c/o Black United Fund of Illinois, 
1809 East 71st Street, Suite 200, 
Chicago, Illinois 60649

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