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From: Carter Bing <>
Organization: NCATSU TeleVideo


Please forward this to your list...
You can also open a url to
to access the news server.

Please contact me if you would like a news group created for you.


Years ago when I started working on Drum, it was in response to the lack of a positive environment for proactive discussions
to take place. With the explosion of the web and various web sites, small communities have been establishing themselves.
We have seen Bay Drum , Melnet, NetNoir, Black Voices and a host of other very positive sites become players on the "NET". With all this grwoth taking place one factor remains, we are still seperated by distance. One site here, another site there with no common link. Well no more!

What I propose is that each site that is interested in taking our community to the next level join with me in creating an alternate world wide news network. We can establish a group of news servers that reside on each of our sites that would carry
common news groups that we would then feed to each other. This can be done with older computers and shareware. Our users could then access the site by making a few simple changes on their web browsers.

A number of you visit some of the sites that I have mentioned, belong to email list, operate some of these sites and know folk
that run these sites. I am calling on you to contact those groups and ask them to contact me.

Just think of it, we really could leave a wonderful gift to the next generation .

I have already established two servers and with a couple of news groups. I am willing
to create groups for you and share the knowledge of how to duplicate this effort on your site. All that I ask is that you be willing to reproduce the groups that we have and share the groups that you will create. For this to work you would have to be willing to allow universal access to your server.

If you are interested in this effort please contact me. I can be reached at or 336-334-7614.

Please forward this mail to any list or site that you think would be interested in this project.