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 Week of August 17, 1998
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NSAGI's LIST is an offering of interactive artistic, technological and cultural resources available by way of interactive technologies. A public service of CA-FAM III, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to empowerment through effective use of applied technology and networked intelligence. 
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Share your Information with Nsagi's List
Share your Information with Nsagi's List

When I began my journey on the Internet, I knew it that the major work I'd do on it would have something to do with connecting varied people and concepts.  Nsagi's List is intended to introduce new ideas discovered  & created by the people who use it.  Don't expect that everything you encounter here is to your liking or specifically directed towards your interests.  But you can guarantee that it addresses your specific needs and interests by participating in this process……Share your vision here!  Share your discoveries here!  Share your community here!  And the rest of us will be better humans because you did. 

What's most important is that you become an active part of this process.  First by using this list, suggesting and developing interactive technologies that could resided here at InterChange.org, contributing information to the List and spreading the word! 

And now the list for the week of August 17, 1998 


  1. Information for Tax-Exempt Organizations
  2. National Minority Enterprise Development Administration
  3. Crafty Sisters' Gift Boutique
  4. GObbLiN GrApes Production
  5. Web Review - Managing Your Mailing Lists
  6. African Technology Forum
  7. Rhapsody in Black-Fall98
  9. Release 2.0; A Design for Living in the Digital Age
  10. Advanced Book Exchange
  11. African-American films
  12. 3rd Annual Black Entrepreneur Business Expo
  13. DC Webmasters
  14. Hey Kids! -- New issue of Horizon Magazine
  15. Soumas Heritage Creole Creations- A Taste Of Creole History
  16. Abu Fine Art Gallery
  17. Inside Cuba
  18. Sixth Annual Gospel Dinner Concert
  19. Tools For Education Transformation:Technology & School Construction
  20. COBI Investors Conference Brings Wall Street To Main Street
  21. Black Classic Press
  23. OBD Update - Urgent!
  24. Homework Central
  25. International Connections Consulting
  26. A Prayer For The Children 

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