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 Week of August 24, 1998
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When people ask "what's up for NSAGI's LIST for next week?", I tell them that I really don't know because items contained within the LIST are typically determined by what I receive from the members of the InterChange.org list. Sometimes unexpected events occur that determine the shape of things, as well. One such event happened on Monday, August 17th and it will forever change the format of NSAGI's LIST.

I have a dear friend, Juanita Mays, who tragically lost her brother. The news of the occurrence of his death became part of the evening news in the city where they live - not unlike similar situations affecting our communities worldwide.

It seems as if we are witnessing a tragic play onstage where the principal characters are significantly victimized by a series of badly timed events and we the audience are victims ourselves, helplessly observing this violent drama, strapped to our seats with no means of physical excape.

I believe that such audience participation delivers us to a place of callous disregard for violence within ourselves / families / communities. We've moved to a place where excessive consumption of material objects and services has become our primary manner of escape from the pain. There is no escape unless we begin to become humane again.

Beginning with this issue of NSAGI's LIST there will be a list of individuals / families / communities whose circumstances require  healing words to comfort them at a time when they need it the most. Healing words can be in the form of a poem, a book, greeting card, an audio tape, a list of websites with meaningful content, the list goes on......please be conscious of the need for healing and the part you're playing in it.  If you're aware of someone in need please go to our listing form located at http://interchange.org/nsagislist/listingform.html and share that information with the rest of us.


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  4. ASALH MIAMI 1998
  5. Free Creative Writing Class
  6. Technology Related Publications
  7. Poetry Concert in Bryant Park
  8. Gordon Parks Tribute
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  10. Martha's Vineyard Art Sale
  11. CONVERGENZ/Solutions
  12. Rawlings Calls For Unity Of The Black Race
  13. Specialty Site Senior Content Producer
  14. Delta Fest '98
  15. Citizens for Health
  16. The JABRA EarSet
  17. Welcome to Zap Courier
  18. Internet Business Directory and Marketing Opportunity
  19. First Black film festival seeks entries
  20. Calling All Black Penn State Alumni
  21. Seeking Booth Partner at Congressional Black Caucus Exhibit
  22. The Netpreneur Program
  23. 35 Ways to Land a Job Online
  24. Today's Market Report
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