Nsagi's List
There are, presently, two ways of sharing informtion on Nsagi's List

Share Your Information on Nsagi's List
One . is to contribute information about your most recent efforts or those of others whom you've discovered.  Listings can contain 75 words or less.  Priority of selection to the List is information of an educational manner and that which facilitates the understanding of interactive technology.  Special emphasis is placed on the inclusion of interactive contact information in the form of email and website addresses.

Healing Words
The second way is to submit the contact information of an individual / family / community whose circumstances require  healing words to comfort them at a time when they need it the most. Healing words can be in the form of a poem, a book, greeting card, an audio tape, a list of websites with meaningful content, the list goes on......please be conscious of the need for healing and the part you're playing in it.  We will have to confirm the contact information with the intended recipient before posting their information on the web site.

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