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 Week of October 12, 1998
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As you can see from the listings, below, we continue with a mix of technical / business information enabling you to arm yourselves with information relevant to your survival within this infoworld.  It really matters that you understand how things work within it.

What's equally important is that you, the user of this information, share its' contents with those you love and respect and please send us things to share with others.

vernard r gray

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  1. Virtual Stock Exchange Opens Trading Floor at Blackworld.com
  2. Latin Dance
  3. Qool Marv to DJ VH-1 Fashion Awards / New York City Events 
  4. ADERO Conference: "Empower The Family; Build A Nation"
  5. This Week in Web Review
  6. Reliability Engineer Position Available
  7. An Invitation to a Book Signing
  8. Business Cyber Coupons To Save On Your Book Purchases
  9. BDPA: Web developer position in Atlanta
  10. Merchant Credit Services for Business Owners
  11. UHS Weekend News & Events Update 
  12. Learn how to Celebrate Kwanzaa from CD-ROM 
  13. Let me know?
  14. East Cape Rural Industries
  15. Gateway to Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  16. New Issue Of Horizon Magazine Is Available
  17. National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA)
  18. Black Physicians Directory
  19. Symposium on The Black Panther Party
  20. Girl Scout DC Fall Kick Off-Volunteers Needed
  21. A Final Report Card on Storefront Services
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