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Glossary of Volunteer Terms
Consistent- in keeping with one’s needs and expectations
Being open, honest and up front with child, person and or group
Trying not to intentionally disappoint or hurt someone
Commitment – obligate, pledge, promise
Keep to your word as much as possible, be up front, open and honest 
Environment – a surrounding area
The totality of conditions, circumstances and surroundings where you live and work effecting the growth and development of all.
Mentor  – a wise and trusted friend and guide
Throughout history, one generation is given the responsibility for passing on their knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom to the next.  This transfer of cultures and accumulated experience is passed on to young people by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older sisters, brothers, cousins, community elders, or loyal friends. In today’s society we call them “mentors”.
Resources – the ability and the means to meet situations effectively
All wisdom, experiences, skills, knowledge, services, items, gifts, etc. … 
Tutor – to impart knowledge and a skill
Assisting in school work
Volunteer – someone who offers his/her services freely 
Anyone able to share a little of their time to lend a helping hand and give back to the community, because it takes everyone to make a difference.  We are all responsible for our community & environment.
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