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Because very few of us have the exact measurements that ready-to-wear manufacturers use in their garments—measurements which vary from company to company. Because that outfit that you found in the perfect color is not available in your size…or it is in a fabric that you cannot wear. Because it is increasingly difficult to find well-made, long-wearing clothing at reasonable prices. Custom-made clothing provides you an alternative.

An exact copy of that wonderful outfit that you saw in the fashion magazine for thousands of dollars can be yours from Designs by KATERI for a fraction of the price, in a fabric selected to complement you, custom-made to fit your measurements. Or perhaps you have an image in your mind of something that you've never really seen in the stores. We will sketch out your idea and make it for you in your dream fabric. We also copy ready-to-wear garments. If you want a favorite outfit copied, we will make your copy in whatever fabric you choose—one close to or matching the original, or one totally different.

With custom clothing, you get exactly what YOU want!


Refreshing your wardrobe is an idea from the past whose time has come again. Very few of us, these days, can afford to buy new clothing every time Paris, Milan and New York decide to totally change the fashion picture. When this does happen (about every 2 or 3 years), the new silhouettes and new accessories make what we already have seem dated. (That is why styles change so frequently, to coerce us into buying new clothing before what we already have wears out.) That great outfit that you liked so much last year is still nice but something is missing, something is just not quite right for today. The outfit probably cost you a lot of money—you cannot just discard it. What do you do to update it so that you can again feel wonderful when you wear it?

Designs by KATERI is the answer to your dilemma. We analyze the structure of your garment and the feasibility of what you want to do with it, to arrive at a custom alteration solution for you. Nothing is impossible to do as long as matching or coordinating or contrasting fabric is obtainable. Remember—alterations are much, much more than just shortening hems. Call us for an appointment to re-make your favorite old outfit.


Men have always had "systems" of clothing. A dress shirt, a tie, a jacket, either single- or double-breasted, a pair of trousers. Not many variables other than color. It is very easy to coordinate a number of different looks with a few well-designed, classic pieces. Unfortunately, women have a more difficult time finding timeless, classic clothing in their favorite colors, that can form the basis for a coordinated wardrobe—a system of clothing. The ready-to-wear industry capitalizes on the intentional obsolescence of its designs. Much of the clothing is trendy and gimmicky, so that it becomes outdated quickly, causing you to have to replace it—quickly. A well-planned wardrobe system is an excellent investment. A well-planned wardrobe system, custom-designed and custom-made especially for you is the absolute ultimate in luxury. Read the next section of this brochure and start planning your system with… Designs by KATERI


Step 1 Select the two colors that you want to be the basis of your system—a light and a dark, or a bright and a dark, or a light and a bright, or any other combination which appeals to you and which works together FOR YOU. Keep in mind what you now have in your closet. You want your favorite old pieces to fit in with your new "wardrobe system".

Step 2 Decide whether your system will be classic business wear or less formal business wear or evening wear or a system used exclusively for travel, etc. Decide whether you prefer skirted suits, trouser suits, dress/jacket combinations, skirts and sweaters—whatever you prefer and, most importantly, whatever works best for your lifestyle. Next, decide which category of fabrics you prefer—natural fibers, easy-care synthetics; natural-synthetic blends, or a combination of any or all of the above. With these ideas in mind, you are now ready for your Wardrobe Planning Session with…

Step 3 Designs by KATERI. Call us! We will help you finish planning your system and create the exquisite custom-designed clothing in your plan !


designed for you in fabrics & colors chosen by you or copied from an old favorite


make your existing wardrobe fit like custom-made


re-make your existing garments in new styles chosen by you

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