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When we were planning this service we knew two principal activities would occur here-interactivity and the process of change-hence the name InterChange.org. The World Wide Web has contained within it thousands, if not millions, of interactive tools/technology enabling a person, family, community, organization, nation, continent, world to bring about Social Change.

The word InterChange has two relevant meanings to this discussion: vt. 1. To give and take mutually; exchange [to interchange ideas] n. 2. Any of the places on a freeway where traffic can enter or depart, usually by means of a cloverleaf.

We, at CA-FAM III, Incorporated, invite you to join us in a sharing process where you can come and go as you please. We require only that, within this domain, you promise to Interactively Share Information and Resources for meaningful Social Change. Perhaps the experience will facilitate this sharing spirit within the "other" domains you find yourself………………….peace

-Cybersity ‘zine……….varying paths

In a simple electronic magazine format, we will present short presentations that share the concept of "change". Presentations will be in varied formats (poetry, photo essays, mini-art exhibitions, written essays, sound and video presentations, reprints from publications, and varied interactive applications suitable for this technology , including live chats, interviews, etc.) . You're invited to submit your ideas for publication.

Our surveys will always be located in this area. The first two we will conduct will explore 1) your use of the Internet and 2) survey of Internet Service Providers-ISP’s-owned by women, people of color and systems with a community development/service focus.

-The Exchange.............

A place for you to share your vision of the potential of applied interactive technology. The World Wide Web has grown significantly over the last few years. Technological advances have allowed innovative persons and organizations to things never imagine before. What creative use of interactive tools/technology would you propose to bring about Social Change?

- INFOmix DIRECTORY.............

a directory of INFOresponders@InterCHANGE.org that will provide you, upon your request, a variety of information.


a members only* section of InterCHANGE.org where members are able to exchange ideas, information and resources:

*members only @InterCHANGE.org - this area will require user registration. Users will have to pledge to enter with a "sharing" spirit!

Please send all comments on these Web pages to Feedback at the CA-FAM III, Inc..

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